Choosing an Engagement Ring, Step by Step

Choosing an Engagement Ring, Step by Step

When I started looking for my own engagement ring, I was so excited, but I also felt overwhelmed with options and decisions to make. It’s easy to feel lost. The mined diamond industry has spent billions of dollars in marketing to make us spend more and more, without a guarantee of quality or a solid understanding of where our money is going.

Hera & Gaia is different. Our engagement rings are all heirloom quality, sustainable, and fairly priced, so you can focus on finding your dream ring. 

This step-by-step guide can help you narrow down your choices on the journey to your perfect engagement ring. Once you're ready to get started, book a complimentary virtual consultation.


We offer three styles of engagement ring design: modern classic, contemporary, and antique-inspired design. As you can see, all three of the rings below feature a round stone, but the unique styles make them all look very different.


Next up is stone shape. First we need to distinguish shape (the actual shape of the body of the stone) and cut (the faceting pattern that determines how that shape reflects light). Many moissanite shapes can come in a variety of different cuts - for instance, we feature both brilliant cut and antique cut ovals. 

Hera & Gaia moissanite comes in three kinds of cuts: brilliant cuts like round and oval, which maximize sparkle; step cuts, which produce a beautiful hall of mirrors effect; and antique cuts, with large, romantic facets originally designed to sparkle in candlelight. Our antique cuts are featured in the Heritage Collection.


Once you’ve decided on a style and a stone shape, it’s time to choose a silhouette. Our engagement rings are categorized into four silhouettes: bands, halos, multi-stone rings, and solitaires. Which one best suits you or your partner? 


Stone size is usually limited for engagement ring shoppers - most couples need to choose the size that's in their budget, even if it isn't the size they want. Because moissanite is fairly priced, without the mined diamond industry’s artificial shortages and cartel pricing, you can choose the stone size you truly want. 

Our standard stones range from 6 mm/0.75 ct to 9 mm/3 carats DEW (diamond equivalent weight), depending on the style. If you are interested in a different sized stone, please contact us for a custom design. If you are looking for a white, diamond-like sparkle, we recommend a stone under 8mm, as moissanite’s beautiful rainbow fire becomes more prominent at larger sizes. 


Hera & Gaia rings are available in 14kt recycled yellow, rose and white gold, as well as recycled platinum.



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