Our Five Favorite Things about Moissanite

Our Five Favorite Things about Moissanite

Introducing people to moissanite is one of the reasons I founded Hera & Gaia. Moissanite sparkles more than diamond and is more durable than sapphire or ruby - and it’s sustainable and affordable to boot. For all these reasons and more, moissanite is a fantastic choice for your engagement ring. If you’re interested in learning more, book a complimentary virtual consultation with us.

No 1: Moissanite is fairly priced and affordable 

Moissanite is a gorgeous and really fun stone to work with - more on that later. But our favorite thing about moissanite has got to be its accessible cost. Moissanite is priced fairly, without shady diamond industry tactics like artificial shortages and cartel pricing. 

That’s pretty revolutionary in the world of engagement rings - it means our clients can have the ring they love, without taking away from other financial priorities. 

No 2: Moissanite is sustainable

It's widely established that mining is terrible for the environment. For example, a 2020 report conducted at American University and the University of Delaware found that “ diamond mining proliferates deforestation and desertification, water pollution, and soil erosion and pollution” in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

Even in countries with relatively strong environmental protections, diamond mining introduces a host of environmental problems such as mining waste, acid drainage and the leaching of heavy metals into the environment. In fact, Mining Watch Canada released a map in January 2021 showing over 100 contaminated mine waste sites in British Columbia alone.

Moissanite is different. Because it’s extremely rare in nature, commercial moissanite is grown in labs with minimal environmental impact. We love the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a moissanite engagement ring. 

Hera & Gaia goes even further to make our engagement rings as sustainable as possible. We use only recycled metals in our fine jewelry, so we avoid contributing to the extreme environmental destruction caused by gold mining. We also provide carbon offsets with every purchase and ship every order with carbon-neutral shipping. 

No 3: Moissanite lets us get creative with cuts 

Rare or antique cuts can cost a fortune in diamond. As a jewelry designer, one of my personal favorite things about moissanite is the limitless possibility for creativity. There’s a whole world of shapes and faceting patterns open to us - what we can do with moissanite is only limited by our imaginations. Whatever you’re interested in, Hera & Gaia can custom cut your dream stone - just get in touch.

We feature antique moissanite cuts, like the Old European Cut and antique ovals, in our Heritage collection. We’re planning to introduce more unique cuts to the New York collection soon, so stay tuned!

No 4: Moissanite will last forever

We think of every Hera & Gaia ring as a future heirloom, so it’s important to us that our stones are durable enough for generations of daily wear. Moissanite fits the bill - it’s second only to diamond on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it will not scratch or cloud like diamond substitutes.

No 5: Moissanite sparkles like no other gem

We can’t get enough of moissanite’s signature rainbow fire. It’s more prominent in some cuts than others, but either way, we love this colorful shimmer that sets moissanite apart from other precious gems like diamond and white sapphire. 

Not only that, but moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond does, meaning that it sparkles even more.
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