Hera & Gaia promises to deliver heirloom quality to our clients, sustainably and at a fair price. That's why we love moissanite - this gemstone will last through lifetimes of daily wear. 


The Mohs Scale ranks minerals by how hard they are. Anything at a nine or above is strong enough to withstand daily wear on your hand. As you can see, moissanite is second only to diamond - it's even harder than ruby or sapphire, which artisans have used in engagement rings for hundreds of years.

Mineral Hardness
Suitable for
Daily Wear
Moissanite 9.25
Diamond 10
Ruby 9
Sapphire 9
Topaz 8
Emerald 7.5-8
Aquamarine 7.5-8
Morganite 7.5-8
Zircon 7.5


Synthetic diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia are fragile. After a few months of wear, you’ll begin to notice scratches and clouding on the surface of your stone. We do not recommend cubic zirconia or other diamond substitutes for daily wear. 

Moissanite, on the other hand, is not a diamond substitute. It is a unique gemstone with its own properties. Because it is significantly harder than any diamond substitute, it will not scratch or cloud over time. We're so confident in this beautiful stone that we offer a lifetime warranty on our moissanite, guaranteeing that the optical properties of your stone will never change.

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