Like diamond, gemologists grade moissanite by its color. "Color" refers to the natural body color of the stone, not the flashes of sparkle you see as the stone moves. Moissanite is typically available in two color grades: colorless (DEF) and near-colorless (GH). Colors like champagne, black, blue, and gray are also available. 

The difference is quite subtle; most people have a hard time distinguishing the two unless they're compared side-by-side. But we're perfectionists. We want your engagement ring to be flawless, so our experts pre-select the best moissanite color grade for each cut to take the guesswork out of your decision. 


Our modern cut moissanite is DEF. Our antique cut moissanite is GH, inspired by antique diamonds that were cut to glow in candlelight.

We charge the same price for colorless and near-colorless moissanite. This model lets us bring you the best color choice for your preferred cut, without upcharges or hidden costs.


All our colored moissanite is sold as its natural body color - there are no coatings or other temporary treatments applied. That means that your color is guaranteed to last forever without any fading. 

Our colored moissanite is available in champagne, cognac, gray, green, Pacific blue and black. Unfortunately, all pink and purple moissanite is color-coated, so we do not sell it. 

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