Fire, or the way a stone sparkles, comes from a gemological property known as dispersion. Dispersion happens when white light enters moissanite or diamond, splits into the rainbow of colors, and bounces back to reflect the light to the viewer. 

Moissanite's dispersion is 0.104, 2.4 times the dispersion of diamond (0.044). This means that when moissanite reflects the light, the viewer may see more rainbow colors in the sparkle compared to diamond. The rainbow fire is subtle in most lighting, but it gives moissanite a beautiful sparkle all its own. We love this about moissanite - the flashes of color are eye-catching but still understated.

We adore moissanite's rainbow flashes, but we know that some people may be looking for a whiter sparkle. Rainbow fire is least visible at about 2 carats diamond equivalent weight and under, and in step cuts like the emerald cut. Like all stones, moissanite sparkles differently depending on the light source. 

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